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    • September 30, 2018 10:03:26 AM PDT
    • Hello LeRomantic,
      I know this conversation old, but I am new to this site and it caught my attention. I know those characters you added. As an INTJ, I agree with your thoughts. I do not know answer to many of the questions but as INTJ (sometimes ENTJ) female I wish I could get in touch with someone who manages this project to help with exactly what you describe, so much wasted energy and time looking for basic human connections, there just has to be more efficient way for humans to pair up. All the MB types, all the genetic configurations, preferences, etc.....

    • February 4, 2017 9:31:37 PM PST
    • Me? I'd really dig finding an INTP of similar age in interests in my area. Of late, INFJs seem to be finding me. I've dated 3 in a row.

    • October 30, 2016 6:04:34 AM PDT
    • My comment on your illustrations was a compliment. I liked it. I hadn't thought of it before. When I saw it I made a mental note that that could be a cool way to make posts more interesting.

      If you don't like it you can delete it was a joke. I guess it got lost in translation.

      I haven't really read all of your post because it's full of so much anger which I'm sure has nothing to do with me. My post wasn't based on you. I don't know you at all. I haven't even looked at your profile. I was sharing my observation based on my life and the lives of people I know and the things I've read or heard. Vulnerability is the key. Your reply to me for example is quite hurtful but I'm willing to accept it because I made myself vulnerable by responding to your post in the way that I did. I am actually shaking right now. And again if I wasn't prepared to be vulnerable, I wouldn't say that, I would pretend that your reply has had no effect on me at all, but it has.

      I hope you find whatever you're looking for.

    • October 30, 2016 5:36:47 AM PDT
    • Wow... how can someone write an entire paragraph and at the same time saying nothing. First of all, if I want to add images to my post (cartoons, illustrations and what not) that's MY prerogative which have NOTHING to do with the topic. You don't like it? That's your OPINION, not a fact, which resumes in me NOT caring about what you have to say. Second, you're not an ENTJ, how dare you say what I (or we) do or we don't do, don't be presumptuous, particularly when you're not adding anything of value to the conversation.

      I regard looking for deeper conservations or oversharing or being vulnerable. Guess what? WALLS block EVERYTHING, both the bad AND the good. I have always walls around me, armored steel no less, and what does that bring? ALIENATION. If you don't feel comfortable talking about you or your feelings with people that is YOUR problem, not mine. What maturity have brought to me is accept myself without seeking approval and just in the journey to find someone with the same mentality. You also mention change, that's a MISTAKE, people should NEVER change to please others because is all facade that soon or later will fall. Sure, we modify aspects of our behavior that are negative or destructive, but that's the extent of adjustment nothing else.

      Now, if you still feel the need to reply again to my topic do everyone a favor and abstain from useless personal opinions about ME and actually say something of value that anyone could use. Just, maybe, read my topic again and think "Hmm... do I really have something to offer to the topic other than cynism?".

    • October 30, 2016 4:39:15 AM PDT
    • Like the photos you added at the bottom of your post. Is that an NT thing, to illustrate? I would never think of doing that. Not an ENTJ or even an NT but going to post here anyway, you can always delete it if you don't like it :). If there's anything I've noticed it's that intellectual challenge and willingness to go into deep conversations and freely talk about feelings has very little if anything to do with type. Perhaps at younger ages when we are slightly more insecure and happy to share everything with everybody, which isn't necessarily healthy, look how many young people suffer from depression and other forms of psychosocial disorders because of the effects of using social media indiscriminately and exposing every last bit of themselves to a world that ultimately doesn't care about them. But as we get older walls go up, patterns form, people get set in whatever bad habits they formed, and only a very few try to be self aware and even that is very hard. So I don't think it's an ENTJ or NT thing. It's about finding people that are on the same page as you. People that are willing to listen, willing to share, willing to change, and ultimately, willing to be vulnerable.

    • October 29, 2016 8:53:39 PM PDT
    • As an ENTJ gay man I found so hard to date (about going on a decade single... I mean, weeks long pseudo-relationships do not count, OK?) Although I'm a cold analytical, I'm emotionally accessible and needy for affection (which it doesn't seem to be an ENTJ trait but we all come in all colors I guess). I often get disappointed when someone I date is unable to go into deep conversations, intellectual topics or freely talk about their feelings. To others ENTJs: Are INTJs and other Rational/Analytical types, the intellectual challenge you thought it would be? Is it rewarding? A funny thing is (and I don't know if it happens the same with you) when I'm attracted to someone I'm in not in Attack-mode (As we all know we can be). I would only get into an argument if there's a contention about a topic we both know, ultimately the one with the facts straight wins!

      I think at this point I'm over dating the "opposite" of me, starting to date other Rationals seems to be the solution to my solitude... Testimonial of other ENTJs would be greatly appreciated.

    • September 8, 2018 5:31:51 AM PDT
    • I've found many ENTJ women in my life. They're difficult to distinguish without the test. Probably the weight of society dampens their personality traits, although exceptions do exist and I've met them too.

    • February 4, 2017 9:44:52 PM PST
    • I agree with the deleted member. Saw this when reading some of the books on MBTI - might it have been "Gifts Differing"? That or "Please Understand Me 2". Anyway, female ENTJs are as rare as hen's teeth. ENTJ is the rarest type for a female. Hillary Clinton is said to be one, and she's also known to be rather abrasive, off camera. I can see where a lot of men would be turned off by the sheer personality power of a strong ENTJ woman. Me? I'd find it attractive, actually.

      But back to the point, I think there are either 2 or 3 ENTJ males for every ENTJ female. And so the type is quite rare. ENTJs (regardless of gender) are said to be ~2.1% of the US population - making it the 2nd rarest MBTI type overall. The rarest is, of course, INFJ at ~1.8% - most of whom are females.

    • September 8, 2018 5:15:56 AM PDT
    • My INTP experience was mostly positive. We had many cultural differences that caused conflict and eventually she returned to her country for family reasons.

      My advice to other ENTJs is you must relax more about the nuisance of daily life. Most things don't need a plan. Make spontaneity the plan more often. If your intimate partner wanted a military leader, then s/he would be in the military. Spontaneity will provide you unforeseeable riches to discover along the way. Go explore!

    • February 4, 2017 9:38:23 PM PST
    • I have a suspicion that INTP - ENTJ matches work better when the ENTJ would be the male and the INTP would be the female (presuming we're talking about heterosexual relationships). No offense intended to those who might be same sex attracted nor egalitarian minded folks.. Am speaking in terms of traditional societal roles.

    • February 4, 2018 3:39:02 PM PST
    • Intelligence is so sexy, an average person would look like the hottest person in the room to me if I knew he was the sharpest.

      I don't know if this is an NT thing, but I tend to gaze right past the face and into the brain/character, to the point where a person starts to look like who they are instead of what they have going on the outside.

      ( Not too hard though. I mean, I notice a good looking person. ;3 )

    • December 28, 2017 10:18:23 PM PST
    • Almondmilk said:
      People with high IQs (130+) tend to be some of the most compassionate and loving people I've known. The divorce rate among two people with this IQ level is 9%, much, much lower than the general population. If you have enough oxytocin in your brain, you tend to be attracted to whoever you're in relationship with anyway... That said, smart guy who doesn't also value my intelligence does not work.

      I didn't realize 130 was considered high.....

    • May 22, 2017 1:14:40 PM PDT
    • People with high IQs (130+) tend to be some of the most compassionate and loving people I've known.
      The divorce rate among two people with this IQ level is 9%,
      much, much lower than the general population. If you have enough oxytocin in your brain, you tend to be attracted to whoever you're in relationship with anyway...

      That said, smart guy who doesn't also value my intelligence does not work.

    • May 21, 2017 9:11:43 AM PDT
    • Spoken like a true ENTJ. I'm right there with you on that animal attraction.

    • February 4, 2017 9:18:40 PM PST
    • Males of our species are hard wired to appreciate whatever female forms are individually attractive to them. That said, most NTs are also sapiophiles by nature. Though I have heard that ENTJ males like to have trophy wives, that wouldn't be me. And yes, I greatly prefer dating smart girls!! Any out here on the West Coast who'd like to meet an intelligent man? PM me.

    • December 6, 2016 10:33:30 AM PST
    • As an ENTJ both intelligence and physical appareance are equally important but if I got to choose, just between those 2 attributes, I would go for a beautiful man. Sure, find a partner that is intellectually challenging would be a dream come true but I'm a VERY visual creature, I'll rather have the looks and as usual, I'm the one teaching the lessons.

    • November 14, 2017 11:41:59 PM PST
    • helinlin20171116

    • June 2, 2017 9:26:56 PM PDT
    • As an ENTJ, I am certainly NOT in tune with other's emotions. Who of us really are? I understand since women have better left-right brain connection than men, and have a bit more of a "conformist" societal pressure they've grown up with, it's probably not as stark for an ENTJ woman as a man of the same type.

    • November 14, 2017 11:04:05 PM PST
    • helinlin20171116

    • March 21, 2017 2:49:32 PM PDT
    • As an INTJ who was involved with an ENTJ, I can say it was a personality match I would readily pursue again. He kept me on my toes and challenged me. Never a dull conversation. It was wonderful to be with an Extrovert to pull me into social settings. He was more in touch with his Feeling side than he admitted which allowed him to kindly disagree with me while being respectful. It seemed like a logical, sensible match that the Spartans would've been proud o!. Alas, we found a deal breaker that prevented us from moving forward.

      Yes, I realize this is a very old thread but had to throw in my 2 cents.

    • September 7, 2016 1:20:44 AM PDT
    • Cerebral said:
      Rassilon said:
      I think INTJs do make good pals for an ENTJ, especially if they are calmer, more experienced and wiser - and just accept that the ENTJs are better at them in most things (with the sole exception of INTJs being able to develop astounding superiority over any living being when the area of expertise in question, is very narrow or very specific). INTJ guys are fun to bump heads with or argue with, but being E always helps an ENTJ dominate INTJs. So they never end up posing a real challenge to the ENTJs position without recourse to being stubbornly uncompromising when it comes to their stated position. In fact, I think it's impossible for an INTJ to win an argument with an ENTJ through logical argument. So, the INTJ never poses a threat to an ENTJ. But I think that INTJ's are never comfortable not being the smartest person in the room and in a relationship, that would be a problem for them. I've met only two INTJ women (they are so rare) and think that unless they are really mature and have mellowed down can at the most, only be good friends or allies for an ENTJ. In fact, one of my INTJ acquaintances is just. I think that the other INTJ that I know has an underdeveloped N, because she nurtures bizarre notions of being able to outsmart an ENTJ, which requires me to expend energy to put her in her place. The fact that I know exactly how to swat her down when I need to, know how to effortlessly get under her skin and make her miserable when I chose to do so, and whenever needed, as well as articulate in strings of words that run rings around her usually quick tongued self, is incredibly frustrating for her and makes her lose her self control. She's even had to end up cursing me, which I know she must view as a terrible, personal defeat :p. I do enjoy the momentary, cheap thrill that these encounters provide. But the fact is that they get repeated over and over again and are an unnecessary waste of my time and energy that I need to plan for, whenever I'm around her. This irritates me no end. I cannot conceive ever doing that in a relationship. One other thing about INTJ women is that I think its probably the rarest of cases when their primary instinct happens to be Sexual. I just think that they occasionally come across as incredibly asexual. None of these issues come up with an ENTJ woman. ENTJ ladies are real tigresses and when their goals, instincts, opinions and values are in alignment with an ENTJ man's and if the ENTJ lady can acknowledge (or persuade herself) that he's the superior (or, that she will be allowed to be the boss in only some aspects of their relationship), an ENTJ-ENTJ pairing makes for all the firecrackers in the world going off together. Incredibly hot combustion whenever things do go wrong, but white hot, molten heat most of the time, when things are right.

      Rassilon, I see this is an old post so you may never see this but I will bite on your take on INTJs. There is one misconception I need to correct in your post. INTJs (myself included) happen to be arguably the most open minded personality type there is. I am happy to change my view and have done so after a single discussion on a topic. The catch is the debater must present the information in a logical well thought out way. What you mistake for stubbornness is actually our unwillingness to agree when your knowledge of a topic does not match ours. Simply coming up with a clever way to articulate your point that cannot be overcome does not make you right. When an INTJ takes a stand on something you can be almost completely sure that many hours of research went into their view. Simply arguing against that on a whim, with out properly laying out your argument logically, is the fastest way to frustrate us in a conversation. Do not mistake our frustration for submission that we were incorrect in our view. Now I do not know about your particular situation or the specific INTJs your were debating but I would urge you to at least consider what I've said.

      Yes, very old post. I've returned to the site only very recently. You're right that xNTJs are open-minded and willing to change. As other ENTJ's do, I can fight tooth and nail to argue for a position or perspective that I am sure of but if there is logical, clear-cut and undeniable evidence or proof that undercuts my opinion or belief, either wholly or partially, I will immediately accept and concede when presented with that more relevant or superior information or knowledge. It might mean modifying my position or changing my beliefs, but as an ENTJ, I will do so, because it refines my own beliefs and positions and makes them, and therefore me, better. Since I wrote that post, my understanding of MBTI has improved a bit Many of the MBTI sites (including this one) erroneously assign MBTI types to dead personalities and imaginary characters. How they do this based on observation beats me, because MBTI is all about preference. Now, when it comes to preferences, E over I, J over P, etc, these are just indicators of the underlying cognitive behaviors that power an individual's decision making and understanding of the world. Therefore, it isn't enough to understand that the ENTJ and INTJ have all the same cognitive functions and that the ENTJ is extroverted while the INTJ is introverted. The fact of the matter is, the differences are much more fundamental. The ENTJ's primary and most dominant function is extraverted thinking which categorizes orders , removes, adds, changes, transforms anything and everything; words, people, processes et al. Introverted Intuition, or Ni, which allows all the knowledge and information that has been absorbed over time through each and every one of the senses to help xNTJs to consciously and more often than not, unconsciously arrive at a deduction, only aids the much more powerful Te, in the case of the ENTJ. Over time, the ENTJ's Ni does become better, particularly because the ENTJ's relaxation function is Extraverted Sensing, which allows the ENTJ to absorb copious amounts of information and experiences to feed his/her Ni. So, as they get older, the ENTJs develop powerful Ni powered by the greater amount of time doing Se (and this helps aid their Te too). Now in the case of the INTJ, everything is about Ni. The powerful conclusions that an INTJ arrives at, occupy more time and resources, because after all, that's the primary function. The INTJs deploys Te only in aid of Ni - actions and words are backing conclusions. While the intuitive certainty that the INTJ has is backed by a still powerful Te, it is not a Te that is as well deployed as that of the ENTJ. Further, the INTJ's Ni and Te are supported by his/her relaxation function which is Introverted Feeling, or Fe. Now, this is the fundamental issue. The Te and even the Ni are backed by the INTJ's values, personal beliefs, and convictions, which he/she processes and develops at their leisure and over time. This is the primary grounds for my position. The superior functions are backed by the convictions and firm beliefs of Fi and not the facts and data of Se. Indeed, this is why I've often felt that the INTJ's stubbornness comes from a place of emotion and not logic. So when they vehemently disagree with you, while their logic might be sound to themselves, they are unwilling to change their position unless and until the effort to clearly delineate the various steps involved in arriving at an alternate conclusion are made (kind of like what I'm doing now). To do this convincingly for the benefit and approval of the cerebral INTJ, requires not just conviction and determination, but a comprehensive understanding of all the facts involved. The ENTJ alone is capable of this (an ESTJ too perhaps, and maybe only in some situations, but not all). This is digression, but the fact that Te is the lead function of the ENTJ actually enables ENTJs to be not just more open to changing their positions when alternative evidence/ information is provided, but it also makes them do so quicker and more readily (though it won't be easy for the one that is doing the persuading). There is one other thing that needs to be pointed out regarding the order of cognitive functions. The INTJ relies on Se and going out and absorbing and verifying all the facts (rather than thinking through them and accepting them with their Te and Fe, which they usually do at a more sedate pace, over long time periods) only when the going isn't great, or under pressure, when facts are in doubt, in times of distress and confusion, or very simply, as the last or least favored resort. What this means is that the INTJ is less likely to accept information unless it is preceded by ironclad logic first. This is another reason that the INTJ falls short (in relative terms) in leading with Ni when compared to an ENTJ who leads with Te. The Se that ultimately powers Ni is superseded by Fe and further, by Te. Basically, the INTJ will lead with logic rather than use the data that is accumulated through the senses. Only after considerable time and experience are the INTJ's Ni grounded in an abundance of facts, data, and information, even though it is their primary function. This is why the point that I made about younger INTJs not having the experience to utilize their logical gifts, is valid. It is also why an older, experienced, cerebral INTJ is such a powerful adversary. This order of the front-loaded cognitive functions Ni-Te-Fi is the reason why INTJ's become remarkably proficient and veritable masters in an area of their choosing. Just as truly it is the reason that ENTJs who use Te-Ni-Se in that order, are usually the masters of the situation. Any or all situations for that matter. However, we do have our own problems. Having Fi as your inferior function is a fricking pain in the ass.In those rare moments of crisis when we go back to Fi for answers, it can easily end up messing with what we've known (Se), what we've concluded (Ni) and what we are thinking, doing and saying (Te). But that is another topic altogether.

    • September 4, 2016 1:36:53 PM PDT
    • I find an ENTJ girl who is smarter and better at (some) things to be extremely attractive... if she can do it with a non-arrogant kind of confidence, all the better... I feel extremely proud that she'll let me into her world.

      ENTJ's rock!

    • July 1, 2016 11:34:38 PM PDT
    • I agree with Cerebral- xNTJ's put a lot of research and thought into replies. I find that when I debate with someone, I will analyze their view logically, and either develop a counter-argument that will make logical sense, or I will consider changing my own viewpoint because of their logic. It has nothing to do with how well-spoken their argument is, it has to do with the logic behind it.
      I'm fairly new to this whole MBTI type-based relationship thing, but I've been an ENTJ my whole life. I would like to think that an ENTJ-INTJ couple can mutually benefit from the relationship, but of course there is much more than four letters that determine the person.

    • May 6, 2016 12:04:59 AM PDT
    • I want to fall in love with an ENTJ. Personality wise I'm most attracted to this type, and they're my favorite conversationalists. I find myself giggling, and becoming the giddy teenage girl in the relationship. It's weird and annoying, but im always so happy in their presence. They challenge me, make me laugh more than anyone else, and if there's a physical attraction, im pretty much in love.
      I honestly think ENTJs are more of the critical thinkers, while I'm a little more willing to listen to every idea and factor it in as a possibility., I love someone who can correct my errors. It's so hard to find!

    • February 9, 2016 9:04:40 PM PST
    • ENTJ-INTJ= mutual desire to learn and grow, intellectual prowess, straightforward communication