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    • August 10, 2020 7:00:25 AM PDT
    • No I've not.

    • March 4, 2020 6:37:35 PM PST
    • I know Karate, Piano, Drums, Saxophone and a hint of guitar. I can use GIS. I speak Spanish. I speak some Chinese and some French. I know python. I am an avid hiker. I'm pretty good at basketball. I can do Square Dance, Round Dance, Line Dance and Salsa. That was 1 minute, phew.

    • May 15, 2019 1:08:08 PM PDT
    • I gotta agree with @Vree here. It's definitely a darker take on ENTP, but tbh most of the time I would describe myself as a brilliant, useless, hot pile of garbage.

      Props on a very sobering and accurate description of some of the struggles of this type.

    • April 23, 2019 5:13:02 AM PDT
    • Are we tho?
      Our ability to relax and marvel at everything is a boon to avoid stress, but it also makes us not strive too hard, resulting in less important careers. We have less social value than we think, compared to those who communicate badly but get stuff done.
      We can sweet talk our way out of anything, but we aren't good at showing results, sometimes making us the leeches of society.
      The Introverted Judging types who constantly ace their projects and personal development goals laugh at how we run around with our "brainstorming" and hundred unfinished ideas, while they can execute even a bad idea with award winning quality.
      Our subtle linguistic humor just doesn't register to any non Intuitive Thinkers, and actually offend many who can't tell playful banter from a real fight, or playing devil's advocate from dishonesty. In trying to see everybody's POV we fail to commit to one idea or goal.
      "Inventor" is misnomer really. Inventors are either ingenius Introverts or managers with strong Judging.
      We probably excel as mediators or managers, due to our impartial appreciation of everybody, but actually fail to fit into groups as soon as we don't hold the authority as the types of cliqie-y groups Judgers, Feelers and Introverts build offend us.
      We spot things nobody else notices and we think big and we care but what good does that do if we don't follow up?

      Idk man, sometimes I feel like we are the wandering hobo intellectuals who just have fun those with better self-management and less ambitious goals do everything that really matters.

    • September 7, 2018 11:33:29 AM PDT
    • 'deleted member' you may own the nite but isans own the world and all the knowledge/imagination in it..<3 ~ that's for you(s)

    • April 23, 2019 5:18:42 AM PDT
    • If I went full ENTP I'd have posted page long responses into EVERY thread here. By the way does anyone do that where you type long treatises of various topics into .txt files that you then lose and delete? Or leave long answers to 2 year old unanswered questions on Youtube? Or have a constant pressure to speak less and stick to the topics most relevant to someone you talk to as not to tire and overwhelm them?

    • April 21, 2017 8:42:20 PM PDT
    • When you love this thread, but post after only reading a few. (Sorry if this has been posted 20 times already.

      When you are called "insensitive" and "too sensitive" by your partner within 20 seconds AND you just have to point that out.

    • April 18, 2017 10:02:09 AM PDT
    • When ya started reading something on the net 3 hours ago and now ya have 40 tabs open Got bored with it and come here and posted this.

    • December 25, 2016 12:40:55 AM PST
    • -When you could do your school-work, but choose not to because of some fleeting idea that seems super cool
      -When you tell people that you can't think/work in a neat-and-tidy workspace
      -When you ace all your exams but end up getting a B/C in the course due to not doing your homework
      -When you're explaining something to someone and end up saying "Well, it's obviously because... never mind! Trust me, it makes sense."
      -When you know you're bullshiting in a debate, but you hold your ground 'because debating is too fun.'

    • November 21, 2016 9:55:23 PM PST
    • Most of these make sense about me and also most of things from INTP' thread ..
      Didn't finally got which really am i !

    • February 24, 2018 11:41:50 PM PST
    • 5 years with an ISTJ courtesy of eHarmony (only learned my MBTI type this year and I land ENTP/ENFP). Said ISTJ...longtime accountant/govt employee/necktie everyday type all about his credit score and managing his 401K with a vengeance. ^ Agreed...dependable, stable, boring, predictable, hardly wanted to go anywhere, too quiet, surface responses/reactions, judge-y, conditional, and in the end...soul-crushing. I felt I could never be the true me. Good on paper, bad in reality. The sharp wit displayed on occasion was as good as it got. Those types are more about launching a corporate merger within a relationship.

      Back to having fun again though. FREEDOM, baby!

    • February 7, 2018 6:23:10 AM PST
    • I'm into ENTP men. I like the BS ones, the funny ones, even though I see through a lot of BS, their ability to trigger emotion amuses me. They make the best flirts out of all NT, I think.

      Wether such a thing could be lasting, no idea. I think neither of us would have to worry too much about the other getting attached too fast.

    • November 25, 2017 9:14:04 AM PST
    • I've contacted 5 ENTP females my age on other sites. One didn't seem to be anything like an ENTP. Two had profiles that were very ENTP. One didn't return my massage. The other was instantly no connection. I assume she was writing with her thumbs and so came across as not very bright, very flaky sounding. I could only hang for a a couple messages. The last 2 were Russian and maybe it's a Russian thing but their minds were very closed on the few subjects we discussed. They seemed angry from the start and just got more so.

      So based on my experience with ENTP women (and other types too) I think whether someone would make a good partner has much more to do with developed skilled than base MBTI attributes.

    • November 14, 2017 2:38:41 AM PST
    • As ENTP, I do like ENTP guy.
      My parents are both ENTP and they got along really well to be honest. Free from any kind of drama. Then, my ENTP sister were born and about a year later I was born as ENTP as well. My family is really perfect and dynamic to me right now. There's no mushy gushy feelings since we're all brutally honest.

    • August 11, 2017 10:51:10 PM PDT
    • Yep, been there done that. Like all relationships, but I think especially in a entp x entp relationship, I think it'll only work if both parties are at the same level of maturity. In my case, I was more emotionally mature/my Fe was waaayy more developed than my partner - it was hard watching someone make exactly the same mistakes I made when I was younger. It was pretty hard to resist the urge to lecture him and be all like, "Look dude, I've been there. Please oh god, stop it, do ___ instead."

      Felt more like an extremely good platonic friendship than a romantic relationship, to be honest. In short, I think it'd be a really good friendship, but I'm not sure romantic-wise. But then who knows, maybe that's confirmation bias.

    • July 24, 2017 1:09:03 AM PDT
    • Jan126 said:
      Now that's weird cause heard just the opposite. I heard that ENTP guys make the best wing men- go figure. And you're almost right about ENTP folks, you just got the gender wrong -you probably would NEVER want to date a ENTP guy- they're funny and everything and make good friends, but not great boyfriend material.

      Don't you think it would work in reverse ? See ENTPs have to feel safe in a relationship to fall in love. ENTPs aren't good at making people feel safe. That's why we like INFJs they seem loving and reliable and we give them the space they need.

    • July 23, 2017 12:34:33 PM PDT
    • Now that's weird cause heard just the opposite. I heard that ENTP guys make the best wing men- go figure. And you're almost right about ENTP folks, you just got the gender wrong -you probably would NEVER want to date a ENTP guy- they're funny and everything and make good friends, but not great boyfriend material.

    • July 22, 2017 12:31:47 AM PDT
    • I know one and i think she'd be cool to hang out with but i wouldn't wanna date her. I think they'd make a good wing woman.

    • July 21, 2017 9:24:20 PM PDT
    • I never had any issues with other ENTP's, we got along and comprehend one another. But that was M/M and platonic, I don't really know so much about dating and hetero pairings. I'm unsure if I ever really knew any ENTP females just INTP which works really well.

    • July 21, 2017 8:48:46 AM PDT
    • I don't think ENTPs like each other.

    • June 21, 2017 12:29:27 AM PDT
    • Has anybody been in this type of relationship before? Female ENTP's are extremely rare and I am curious about how it works out with one, being an ENTP male myself.

    • January 2, 2018 3:01:43 PM PST
    • ENTP women can be found anywhere, but places allowing for inventive stuff, debating, marketing jobs give a good chance. There are quite some in business and unconventional jobs.

      ENTP women can be recognized by:

      - direct in conversation
      - dont speak in very emotional ways
      - do may appeal to your emotions, either consciously or subsconsciously
      - can be quite blunt
      - can quickly respond to theories, ideas, dont need a lot of time to consider and respond (typically NE)
      - openminded when it comes to unconventional ideas
      - more often have a sense of humor than other women
      - often quick witted
      - like to debate, are full of ideas
      - brainstorm aloud, so you can follow their thinking steps
      - logical, but may seem random to SJ types
      - often more on the androgynous side mentally
      - are quite independant
      - will more likely to come with solutions and sympathy than empathy when you come to them with a problem

      Their dating profiles and profiles on sites are probably recognised by beeing direct, but may have a slick sauce of ENTP marketing over it.

      When I write profiles I tend to keep in mind how the message will be read by the targetted receiver, and how they will most likely interpretate it. I try to imagine which things they find important to know about, and how to present it, as opposed to only saying what I want. Depending on where it's posted it may contain elements to discourage certain people from responding, which may be placed in the picture section to make sure its seen. (darth vader is great to disencourage sensors, so are personality theory schematics) I also like to game search engines, matching systems, etc, because why not optimalize your exposure. Most matching systems are not written having ENTP women looking for inituitive guys in mind. Systems exist to be cheated.

      While many ENTP will not use such strategies on dating sites, if the profile uses a tactic based on the search system or cheats the matching system, you are most likely dealing with an ENTP or sometimes INTP.

    • November 25, 2017 9:35:41 AM PST
    • Ah, I have to suggest dating sites. Startups is a great place to find them, but what you actually want to find I assume are single and looking ENTP women. And besides, finding an ENTP woman in a startup, then dating them, and then maybe it not working out...awkward work environment.

      I'd echo what ambivert92165 said. ENTP and INFJ are very ambivert. You can't really go by just the E & I.

    • June 17, 2017 11:33:22 AM PDT
    • Back to INTP. It has now stuck.

    • April 21, 2017 8:48:43 PM PDT
    • As a kid I lied a lot. When I was about 8 my Dad said "doesn't lying stress you out". He was right. Haven't since. For sure in a relationship there would be no point to lying because you wouldn't really have a relationship. And, most importantly, I don't need to lying. Saying the truth and simply not saying the truth works better. Truth is a very flexible concept.