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    • Wow, sooo accurate, could i consult you further on an ESFJ situation I personally have...

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    • ESFJ
      Extraverted Feeling with Sensing

      People with ESFJ preferences radiate sympathy and fellowship.They concern themselves chiefly with the people around them and place a high value on harmonious human contacts.They are friendly, tactful, and sympathetic. They are persevering, conscientious, orderly even in small matters, and inclined to expect others to be the same. They are particularly warmed by approval and sensitive to indifference. Much of their pleasure
      and satisfaction comes from the warmth of feeling of people around them.

      ESFJs tend to concentrate on the admirable qualities of other people and are loyal to respected persons, institutions, or causes, sometimes to the point of idealizing whatever they admire. They have the gift of finding value in other people’s opinions. Even when these opinions are in conflict, they have faith that harmony can somehow be achieved and they often manage to bring it about.To achieve harmony, they are ready to agree with other’s opinions within reasonable limits. They need to be careful, however, that they don’t concentrate so much on the viewpoints of others that they lose sight of their own. They are mainly interested in the realities perceived by their five senses, so they become practical, realistic, and down-to-earth. They take great interest in the unique differences in each experience.

      ESFJs appreciate and enjoy their possessions.They enjoy variety but can adapt well to
      routine. ESFJs are at their best in jobs that deal with people and in situation where cooperation can be brought about through good will. They are found in jobs such as teaching, preaching, and selling. Their compassion and awareness of physical conditions often attracts them to health professions, where they can provide warmth, comfort, and patient caring.They are less likely to be happy in work demanding mastery of abstract ideas or impersonal analysis.They think best when talking with people, and enjoy communicating.They have to make a special effort to be brief and businesslike and not let sociability slow them down on the job. They like to base their plans and decisions upon known facts and on their personal values.While liking to have matters decided or settled, they do not necessarily want to make all the decisions themselves. They run some risk of jumping to conclusions before they understand a situation. If they have not taken time to gain first-hand knowledge about a person or situation, their actions may not have the helpful results they intended. For example, ESFJs beginning a new project or job may do things they assume should be done, instead of taking the time to find out what is really wanted or needed.They have many definite “shoulds” and “should nots,” and may express these freely.

      ESFJs find it especially hard to admit the truth about problems with people or things they care about. If they fail to face disagreeable facts, or refuse to look at criticism that hurts, they will try to ignore their problems instead of searching for solutions.

      Inferior function (Ti):
      Triggers for the Inferior Function
      • Absence of trust
      • Pressure to conform
      • Interpersonal conflict

      Forms of the Grip Experience
      • Excessive criticism
      • Convoluted logic
      • Compulsive search for truth

      Ways of Returning to Equilibrium
      • Solitude and journal writing
      • Taking on a new project
      • Honoring by others of their need to be left alone

      New Knowledge
      • Less need for harmony
      • Trust in own logical thinking
      • Tempered response to adversity

      Source: Was That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality