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    • August 24, 2020 5:36:21 AM PDT
    • @epochalshift, thanks so much for mentioning that. I have no reason to doubt it, but it never would have occurred to me. (Age. Temperament. INTPs are notorious for not caring about, often not even perceiving, social cues like what anybody might think of them. I note that you are the first F-type to respond on this thread.) “...reeks of desperation, even if that ain't the case... “ is a wonderful turn of phrase. So, out of concern that anyone might catch a scent of their desperation, the desperate majority may blithely sabotage their own efforts. Might explain why we are all still out here.

    • August 24, 2020 1:44:56 AM PDT
    • Sadly, liking something like this on Fb which happens to have less than 100 likes reeks of desperation, even if that ain't the case...

    • August 3, 2020 7:22:17 AM PDT
    • Re: attracting more visitors. Something else that I've suggested here on PEVO is that everyone Like or Follow . So far, they have only 79 Likes and 81 Followers on FB. There is nothing currently going on there, but that could change.

    • August 2, 2020 10:43:13 PM PDT
    • Yeah, i agree that algorithms (in general, not just MBTI ones) are mostly bullshit. But you could also create an app without alogrithms or match-making.
      I think the problem of this site is that it doesn't draw enough new members into it. My opinion: If you want to make things more attractive for potential users you have to move on to something more modern.

    • August 2, 2020 5:04:50 PM PDT
    • @MillieMisanthrope: I appreciate your concrete suggestion. Birdy, of course, is based on MBTI. I presume that most of the sites/apps praised by @devang12 are also based on MBTI. There is something to be said for a better user interface that draws in more visitors. MBTI matching algorithms, however, have built-in shortcomings (as do some others that I've explored.) In several places on PEVO I've shared this old link: . Basically, the MBTI compatibility theories all contradict one another and none of them have been shown to really work, except perhaps anecdotally. That's why I've advocated for a different approach. The original OkCupid was terrific, but it was sold to IAC ( about ten years ago and it's never been the same since. I avoid all of IAC's sites/apps now, as much for privacy reasons as for bad matches.

    • August 2, 2020 3:58:35 PM PDT
    • I'm new here. But as far as I can tell this site seems to focus more on building online communities, forum discussions etc rather than the typical "dating" aspect. There's nothing wrong with that if you're interested in that kind of stuff. If your plan was to focus more on the "community" aspect I think you did a pretty good job.
      But I think people looking for dating are (nowadays) more drawn to apps rather than websites or forums, so if you'd like to focus more on the "match-making" aspect in the future I'd recommend making an app.

      The "Birdy" app for example seems pretty interesting. At least for those interested in dating. There's only the Beta version available for now, but I think there's some potential in it.

    • August 1, 2020 11:04:54 PM PDT
    • There are many new websites/apps which are doing this in a better way...why don't you check them out

    • August 1, 2020 6:22:00 AM PDT
    • Most personality inventories like MBTI, Big 5, etc. are intentionally values-neutral. I've written elsewhere that I think that social values are at least as important as temperament in forming all kinds of relationships. I posted two of my favorite values scales at and , so I am just consolidating those posts here. (Because several people had difficulty following the original links, I recently found alternative sites offering the same tests.)
      Your results of the Schwartz Portrait Values Questionnaire (PVQ) and the Jonathan Haidt's Moral Foundations Questionnaire can be posted on your PEVO profile or in the Polls and Forums. We need to collect a critical mass, of course, but no one else is doing this, so if you like it, tell all your friends.
      Neither test assigns you to a “type.” You need to decide for yourself whether you are looking for an identity or a companion. Supplemented by MBTI, Enneagram, etc., these could be great tools for finding compatible friends, associates, lovers in this time of social distancing.

    • August 1, 2020 3:10:57 AM PDT
    • I actually like it as is, but I of course would like to see more members. I`d like to thank the developers as well for making it available for free! Thanks to read for this post. I hope that someone else has suggestions that could get the number of active users up.

    • July 31, 2020 1:20:03 PM PDT
    • There has always been some frustration among users that this site has never achieved its full potential. So, here's a place to describe what you'd like it to be (besides more popular.) If you've got an entrepreneurial bent, you might describe how we might get from here to there, in baby steps.
      Caveat #1: The original developer and current administrator of this site has (have?) expressed negative interest (so far) in developing it any further. So, your ideas are more likely to be advanced if: a) they describe things that members can display on the current home page; or (b) if you have the skills to build something yourself.
      Caveat #2: Over the years I've seen a handful of PEVO members develop their own independent sites, posting links on PEVO's home page. As far as I can tell, none of them have yet flown.
      Hey, if it were easy, it would have been done already. Let's show a little creativity and look for that breakthrough design concept.

    • July 28, 2020 12:07:50 PM PDT
    • In case anyone missed it, the fifth scale in the Big 5 is Neuroticism, a trait that Carl Jung's model (and Myers-Briggs) explicitly avoided. 16personalities maps the Big 5 into MBTI types, adding something they call “Identity.” While it it possible to rotate the principle components of any factor-analytic space, let's keep it simple. “Mind” is close to Big 5's Extraversion; “Energy” is close to Openness; “Nature” is close to Agreeableness; “Tactics” is close to Conscientiousness; and “Identity” is close to – you guessed it.

    • September 5, 2018 5:18:33 AM PDT
    • Here is a very readable book review of Merve Emre’s “The Personality Brokers” (Doubleday) -- the story of how the MBTI fell to earth. ( )

    • June 26, 2020 2:57:56 PM PDT
    • Is that really true?

      Has anything been done about it?

    • April 23, 2020 7:52:36 AM PDT
    • For sure

    • April 15, 2019 6:01:33 PM PDT
    • Wow! Very interesting results. Shows just how very lonely we are when the most uncommon types are so hugely over represented. :( UGH.

    • December 26, 2018 12:18:27 PM PST
    • Breakdown for women.

    • December 26, 2018 12:16:36 PM PST
    • Breakdown by men.

    • December 26, 2018 12:15:30 PM PST
    • Long before I found this site someone put the breakdown of types and instincts here. I have recently calculated the same and have added the gender differences as well. Below is the totals for both men and women.

    • September 15, 2019 1:00:47 AM PDT
    • >>

    • May 27, 2019 5:26:40 PM PDT
    • I couldn't upload the file on the first attempt, and there isn't a delete option.

    • March 21, 2019 5:08:19 AM PDT
    • INTJ: lovable charming brats. Haha

      Share a meme of your favorite (or not so favorite) MBTI types!

    • April 2, 2019 1:38:00 PM PDT
    • entj reverted to peeing his pants LOL.....there goes my idea of dating an entj down the drain :D

    • April 15, 2018 6:10:02 AM PDT
    • I'd have to agree and partially disagree with the two types I looked at, based on my own anecdotal evidence.

      Firstly, after dating the epitome of an ISTJ, I mostly agree. Although, I wouldn't put it in such a negative light. I found her very logical explanations to be endearing and refreshing from the all to frequent illogical arguments present in the world. She was definitely not "empty inside", just too sensible to take any uncertain risks in life.

      Secondly (and of course), I disagreed with some of the INTJ section. Yes, we stay in the shadows a lot of the time and try not to let our shortcomings see the light of day, but letting someone else take the fall isn't, at least, in my nature. What's right is right. If I were to describe an INTJ in a bad light, I'd focus more on our arrogance.

      Also, adding Karl Rove to the list of INTJ's felt especially insulting, so props to them on that: mission accomplished.

    • March 3, 2018 6:17:36 PM PST
    • So this actually happened to me. I was in the library while my school was on lockdown due to a that happened right beside campus, which resulted in a guy with a hand gun running around campus, and I was stuck with my ENTJ and INFJ guy friends. The ENTJ reverted to panic and peeing his pants, the INFJ was promising to shield the both of us, and I (ENTP) kept cracking jokes about getting shot. I know this is a sensitive topic for America right now, but who would I be if I wasn't into crude humor.