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    • November 14, 2012 3:39:46 AM PST
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      Profile of an ENFP (Naomi)

      Extraverted Intuition with Feeling

      People with ENFP preferences are enthusiastic innovators, always seeing new possibilities and new ways of doing things.They have a lot of imagination and initiative for starting projects, and a lot of impulsive energy for carrying them out.They are stimulated by difficulties and are most ingenious in solving them. ENFPs can get so interested in their newest project that they have time for little else.Their energy comes from a succession
      of new enthusiasms and their world is full of possible projects.

      Their enthusiasm gets other people interested too. They see so many possible projects that they sometimes have difficulty picking those with the greatest potential.Their feeling can be useful at this point to help select projects by weighing the values of each.Their
      feeling judgment can also add depth to the insights supplied by their intuition.

      The ENFP’s feeling preference shows in a concern for people.They are skillful in handling people and often have remarkable insight into the possibilities and development of others. They are extremely perceptive about the attitudes of others, aiming to understand rather than judge people. They are much drawn to counseling, and can be inspired and inspiring teachers, particularly where they have freedom to innovate.With talent, they can succeed in almost any field that captures their interest—art, journalism, science, advertising, sales, the ministry, or writing, for example.

      A difficulty for ENFPs is that they hate uninspired routine and find it remarkably hard to apply themselves to the sometimes necessary detail unconnected with any major interest.Worse yet, they may get bored with their own projects as soon as the main problems have been solved or the initial challenge has been met.They may need to learn to follow through and finish what they have begun, but are happiest and most effective in
      jobs that permit one project after another, with somebody else taking over as soon as the situation is well in hand.

      Because ENFPs are always being drawn to the exciting challenges of new possibilities, it is essential that they develop their feeling judgment. If their judgment is undeveloped, they may commit themselves to ill-chosen projects, fail to finish anything, and squander their inspirations by not completing their tasks.

      Inferior function (Si):
      Triggers for the Inferior Function
      • Physical exhaustion
      • A focus on facts
      • Violation of values and principles

      Forms of the Grip Experience
      • Withdrawal and depression
      • Obsessiveness
      • Focus on the body

      Ways of Returning to Equilibrium
      • Meditating
      • Attention to their physical needs by others
      • Support, not patronization

      New Knowledge
      • Broadened perspective
      • Appreciation of the value of facts and details
      • Increased structure and planfulness

      Source: Was That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality

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      Profile of an ENFP (Naomi)

      Wonderful post. Very accurate. It took me until I was mid 20s to test accurately. This is a very good resource for knowledge and personal growth.

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