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    • September 24, 2014 8:36:58 PM PDT
    • Most Evil

      Which mbti type(s) would you say is:

      1.Prone to be most evil in respect to society?
      2.Has the most potential to be evil?

      My personal opinion:
      1. SJs, primarily ESTJ. Most of these individuals manage to get to positions of management and power. Most of them primarily make selfish decissions where they want a materialistic or control based outcome to thrive.

      2.In western media, typically INTJ are pictured as such. But INTJ I noticed tend to be quite passive and have a "live and let live" kind of attitude.

      Whereas I would say INFJ have the most potential. These individuals want to change the world in what they can provide for it. So if they are emotionally pushed, they will utilize relentless logic and become very proficient at manipulation.

      NFs in general, tend to be very warm open people that orient themselves to changing the world. Many dictators worldwide have been ENFJ and ENFP.

      But INFJ, and NFs wouldn't hurt a fly for the most part. So it is a rarity. But for potential of evil, I would argue this stance.

      What are your thoughts guys?

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    • September 25, 2014 3:41:24 AM PDT
    • Most Evil

      Sorry, topic should not be in this forum. Mistakenly put it here :p

      So please carry on with your day and have a nice life! If you know how to delete thread, I would really appreciate it!

    • May 28, 2021 1:22:53 AM PDT
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      Most Evil

      lol xD

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