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    • January 26, 2017 2:50:46 PM PST
    • INFP <3 ENFP

      Ugh you guys. I'm just on a kick. I'm a 25 y/o heteroflexible INFP lady and I've been so attracted to ENFP's as of late. If not romantically/sexually, then intellectually (but often all 3). According to theeooooorrry, I'm supposed to be most compatible with ENFJ's, but I haven't met many that get me goin' so far as I'm aware (PROVE ME WRONG ENFJ'S ;))... Anyway there's something about y'all that I find so magnetic, so alluring, so exciting and when I'm in the presence of &quot;The Champion&quot; type, I find it easy to open up and be my weird self. So, I'm new here and don't know if there's any proper message board etiquette and l feel a little goofy and overexposed throwing myself out there like this (is this even allowed?!?! go easy on my tender heart), but if you've found yourself enjoying INFP company, let's connect, yeah? Platonic interactions encouraged as well, of course!


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