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    • December 22, 2018 2:25:22 PM PST
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      General Jim Mattis, student of cognitive science

      Reading , I was directed to , which led me to and .

      General Mattis, in addition to being called “Mad Dog,” also earned the nickname “the Warrior Monk.” Among Mattis' influences was John Boyd, a USAF fighter pilot in Korea in the 1950's who read widely and developed his own applications of cognitive science to war strategy and combat tactics. The Boyd Cycle (OODA Loop = Observe/Orient/Decide/Act) has since been applied in many non-lethal contests, including litigation and business competition. As an objective – rather than normative – model of information metabolism, it reminded me of some of the premises of socionics' Model A, particularly socionics' Mental function ring and Vital function ring.

      In any case, I found this to be interesting reading in its own right, as well as a reminder that this stuff has applications outside of pop psychology and dating science.

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