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    • August 3, 2019 8:44:27 AM PDT
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      Beware of mistypes

      So I just quickly wanted to say that I've been debating-arguing over this since my online social presence in typology social forums. Here's the thing I noticed. I tend to criticize society and the general category of 'social people who proactively participate.' Among the many forum users who also identified as Sexual/Secure, aka 'Sx/Sp' or the other 'Social blind spot' type Sp/Sx, I could not find any who would criticize or get annoyed by the social types (according to the definition, we, Social lasts, should). In fact, the social types have mostly never indicated that they were Social-firsts on the forums. And the least were they able to was to reflect on or point out the real-time workings of their Social instinct (in one particular moment). For example, this is a forum, here we socialize, act according to the proper etiquette, present a persona that is palatable to most, yet no one is willing to reflect on that. Noone seems to see or willing to break the herd mentality, this convivial 'love fest' that someone has once called it (perpetuating, amping up positivity, shallow congeniality).

      So my theory is the following. It is known that the 2nd instinct in the stack is the 'creative' one, meaning that people have a relaxed attitude about it, they are not obsessed with it, can show it off, and are okay with revealingly talk about it because that's not their main concern. In this way you could say that Social first types are the ones that are so concerned about fitting in and networking that they write all these 'thinks outside of the box,' 'maverick,' 'goes against social expectations' attributes in their profiles (or 'forget' to mention they are a 'mainstream,' compromising person), but they still never ever catch themselves in the process of appealing to a group, following a larger trend (and say it out loud). They are not able to 'unfollow' the social norms of and not be tactful/polite to their preferred group because a behavior that does not meet the expectations of membership loses its function/power to be social. They cannot think about it, they cannot make it conscious because they are immersed/invested in doing it.

      So I noticed that this subthread has the most topics'n'posts within 'Instincts' and also that they are a lot of people who identify as 'Sx/Sp' on this forum. But I have to say, y'all, actions speak louder than words (Sx also manifests in intimacy, the need for more focused/downnarrowed one-on-one rapport, yet what I see is that people speak directly to each other only in bursts, they don't go deeper, the convo fades out quickly, instead they divide their attention and time between group members, i.e. getting to know a person from the safety of the group - Social/Secure). So please do educate yourselves, read up on diff. authors' definitions because if this site is the most advanced, then basically every dating site is a lie (technological utopia).

      p.s.: note this post was done also under the pretext of socalizing so as to find a girlfriend, for this author's emotional need and hormones are mighty ablaze this summer.

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