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    • January 24, 2020 7:25:16 PM PST
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      ESFP INTP friendships

      I just wanted to express my appreciation of the ESFP types from the INTP perspective. One of my best friends is ESFP. There are a lot of differences between us, but I think that is the reason that we get along so well.

      One of the things that I do that I recently learned that most INTPs do is that I have discussions or debates within my own head. I may bring other people I know into these discussions in my imagination, because I usually know how those people would respond to the things I say, so I get the benefit of another point of view without the stress of actually having to socialize.

      That being said, I am generally unable to do this with ESFPs. My ESFP friend is the most unpredictable person I know. I never have any idea of what he is going to say, and I absolutely love that. He often brings perspectives I would never have thought of, and no one has ever made me laugh harder than he has.

      I think that the way that INTPs and ESFPs generally don't judge others, although the reason behind it is radically different, allows us to accept our deep differences. Also, the ability of an ESFP to work a crowd without inhibition is like a superpower to me. The other day, I decided to embark on an advertising campaign for my business by handing out business cards at the university, and I brought my ESFP friend with me. I was amazed by his ability to walk into a room and just shout for everyone's attention. That is a mutant ability I do not possess, but which proves quite useful.

      So I think every INTP needs an ESFP friend.

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