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    • August 2, 2012 1:15:09 PM PDT
    • Share your stories

      Let's share our stories about other types we've dated...

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    • August 19, 2012 3:07:13 PM PDT
    • Share your stories

      My last bf was an ENFJ. He was really nice to me and I liked him a lot. I think we eventually reached a point where we couldn't get any closer, you know what I mean? He was always looking out for me and trying to make me happy, but I think I was the same way. In the end, neither of us were genuine to each other and we kinda just lost our connection.

      My current crush is an INTJ I met at work *sigh

    • April 21, 2013 6:53:31 PM PDT
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      Share your stories

      My ex was an ISTJ, we dated about 3 1/2 years. It was fantastic in several ways. He was always there to bring me back to earth, very practical, helpful, he had sense of humor that I found absolutely adorable. He also could be very controlling, insecure, needy. I felt like I had cold water poured on me promptly followed by a cage towards the end of the relationship. I think I was a bit too all over the place for him to feel secure, and we had very different views on a lot of things, which led him to look down on me a bit. We are still amiable, but it was just too much to handle for both of us.

      I also dated an INFP for a little while. VERY intense, a little too much. Sometimes dating someone so similar to yourself isn't a good idea. I would be trampling his feelings on accident, while he was doing things I often thought were very selfish.

      Nowadays, I tend to be more attracted to NTs. Much more straight-forward.

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