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    • November 14, 2012 2:49:36 AM PST
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      Profile of an ENTJ (Naomi)

      Extraverted Thinking with Intuition

      ENTJ people use their thinking to run as much of the world as may be theirs to run. They enjoy executive action and long-range planning. Reliance on thinking makes them logical, analytical, objectively critical, and not likely to be convinced by anything but reasoning.They tend to focus on the ideas, not the person behind the ideas. They like to think ahead, organize plans, situations, and operations related to a project, and make a systematic effort to reach their objectives on schedule.They have little patience with confusion or inefficiency, and can be tough when the situation calls for toughness. They think conduct should be ruled by logic, and govern their own behavior accordingly.They live by a definite set of rules that embody their basic judgments about the world. Any change in their ways requires a deliberate change in their rules. They are mainly interested in seeing the possibilities beyond what is present, obvious, or known. Intuition heightens their intellectual interest, curiosity for new ideas, tolerance for theory, and taste for complex

      ENTJs are seldom content in jobs that make no demand upon their intuition.They are stimulated by problems and are often found in executive jobs where they can find and implement new solutions. Because their interest is in the big picture, they may overlook the importance of certain details. Since ENTJs tend to team up with like-minded intuitives who
      may also underestimate the realities of a situation, they usually need a person around with good common sense to bring up overlooked facts and take care of important details.
      Like the other decisive types, ENTJs run the risk of deciding too quickly before they have fully examined the situation.They need to stop and listen to the other person’s viewpoint, especially with people who are not in a position to talk back.This is seldom easy for them, but if they do not take time to understand, they may judge too quickly, without enough
      facts or enough regard for what other people think or feel. ENTJs may need to work at taking feeling values into account.

      Relying so much on their logical approach, they may overlook feeling values—what they care about and what other people care about. If feeling values are ignored too much, they may build up pressure and find expression in inappropriate ways. Although ENTJs are naturally good at seeing what is illogical and inconsistent, they may need to develop the art of appreciation. One positive way to exercise their feeling is through appreciation of other people’s merits and ideas. ENTJs who learn to make it a rule to mention what they like, not merely what needs correcting, find the results worthwhile both in their work and in their private lives.

      Inferior function (Fi):
      Triggers for the Inferior Function
      • Disregard of their deep values
      • Others’ emotional expressions
      • Remorse for their own harshness

      Forms of the Grip Experience
      • Hypersensitivity to inner states
      • Outbursts of emotion
      • Fear of feeling

      Ways of Returning to Equilibrium
      • Experience the depth of their feeling
      • Silent suport from others
      • Talking to a trusted person

      New Knowledge
      • Recognition of own limits
      • Acceptance of the irrational
      • The importance of intimate relationships

      Source: Was That Really Me?: How Everyday Stress Brings Out Our Hidden Personality

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    • December 16, 2012 4:10:17 PM PST
    • Profile of an ENTJ (Naomi)

      I'm pretty good at picking up on others "emotional experssions", but I guess I do so simply out of practicality, not out of empathy.

    • June 2, 2017 9:26:56 PM PDT
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      Profile of an ENTJ (Naomi)

      As an ENTJ, I am certainly NOT in tune with other's emotions. Who of us really are? I understand since women have better left-right brain connection than men, and have a bit more of a "conformist" societal pressure they've grown up with, it's probably not as stark for an ENTJ woman as a man of the same type.

    • November 14, 2017 11:41:59 PM PST
    • Profile of an ENTJ (Naomi)


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