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    Best Match
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    A group for members to meet and greet each other and find friends or their significant other.
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    Let’s share tracks and try to explain why we’re drawn to a particular beat, sound, lyrics, video.
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    No one quite understands an introvert. Not the way other introverts do. This is a group just for us. To interact with others who will better understand you.
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    Lets talk about these two traits N and F, because these types get along very well :P
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    Some say this is the MBTI ultimate match... is it?
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    A place of healthy intellectual stimulation. Anybody welcome. Any topic welcome. Any comments made for the sake of hurting the other discussion members and not for peaceful debate will not be tolerated. Please post new debate topics under Discussions. Hap...  more
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    A place for everyone who loves d&d to meet, talk and share ideas & advice in a friendly environment.