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    For INFJ's who are also Projectors in Human Design. Pull your human design chart to learn if you are. A group for learning how to best live as a Projector based on Ra's teaching.
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    A safe, fun, hip forum for spiritually awakened single people over 55 seeking romance or just a place to vent about not finding it yet. Let's talk about tarot, astrology, physics, McKenna's work, LOA, even starseeds ... you get the idea. Whatever floats y...  more
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    people where are you
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    If you want to experience the vibe of Central Cal, let's chat!
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    Hmm. Looking to leech some of that endless positive ENFP energy? Let's talk about random crap
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    Romantically I guess, but want to meet new people too!
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    This is a group for Christians to meet and talk.
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    Hello fellow introverts.
    My name is Sarah.
    I come from the barren frozen land known as Saskatchewan.
    I have a feeling meeting an INFP/INTP here is a rare and fleeting experience down in these parts.
    So please. If you're from here, give me a shout. ;D
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    I decided to create this group for INFJs that would like to share their experience ( of being an INFJ ), get in touch with others like them.