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    A group for members to meet and greet each other and find friends or their significant other.
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    Let’s share tracks and try to explain why we’re drawn to a particular beat, sound, lyrics, video.
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    No one quite understands an introvert. Not the way other introverts do. This is a group just for us. To interact with others who will better understand you.
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    A place of healthy intellectual stimulation. Anybody welcome. Any topic welcome. Any comments made for the sake of hurting the other discussion members and not for peaceful debate will not be tolerated. Please post new debate topics under Discussions. Hap...  more
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    A place for everyone who loves d&d to meet, talk and share ideas & advice in a friendly environment.
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    Well as the name suggests ,this group is for folks who don't mind looking for partners from far away places ..With determination it sure can result in marriage or something in the long run ah ? Difference can be beautiful and intriguing. ..
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    So, for everyone who already read my comment, you know what this is.
    For all others, so, as we have many INFJ's on this website, and other secret superhero's who don't have an idea where to start, I have created an open group where, every Sunday,
    every one can comment on a question, and out of the most votes ( democracy), a top 3 will be picked, who has played superhero this week and should get an "award".
    This question will be asked, without a poll, because... I don't want this group to become offence or make people sad. You can comment on the question, with one name, or max 5 names ( for all those people who have trouble with picking: use your timer: 30 sec's. The first names that come up). ...  more