• 9 members led by JMBownz
    This group is for attempting to get the word out about this website. It could revolutionize dating. Not a dating thread. Only used for collaboration and presenting ideas.
  • 71 members led by Atease
    Group for people who ideally want to find a new friends and more. Can share experiences, ask questions and get unbiased feedback, suggestions and encouragements. Welcome tof the group :)
  • 30 members led by mojito
    Intertype relations. Quadra. Duality. Erotic attitudes.
  • 232 members led by dVelnahr
    The nerd group. A group for people who would rather meet and click with people through fandom discussion, or something other than actually standing there swapping college stories or skillfully flirting or whatever it is that people with social skills do.
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  • 206 members led by Eyegazer
    The group for those who came to find a significant other. Talk about anything, and everything; keep it clean.
  • 130 members led by Eyegazer
    A group for those who are willing to date long distance. Chat, discuss, and have fun.